Killiney Hill, Dublin, Ireland

Killiney Hill is located south of Dublin, it is one of my favourite places! I used to visit here as a child as my Uncle and Auntie lived nearby. The scenery is breath-takingly beautiful, at the top of the hill you have a view of Wicklow mountains as well as Killiney beach and Dublin Bay. To the left you can see Dalkey. Then if you turn around from the coastline you can see Dublin city and the Poolbeg Chimneys! The panorama is exquisite.

You can get the DART from Dublin to Dalkey Dart station and there is parking there too. The walk from Dalkey is lovely, you can take in the main street, the shops and the beautiful houses. There are wonderful places to spend your day!

The walk from Killiney Hill park is what I did, you will see toilets and a cafe there at the entrance . I recommend the tea and the apple tart. You can park in the side roads but you have to be early! The cafe is good, plenty of hot and cold drinks and vegan options are there too. The walk up the hill is amazing, make sure you have your trainers on or walking boots if the weather is inclement.

Look at this view !

Make sure you climb the pyramid. The views are amazing, you can look out to Dalkey Island. You can see the beaches also. There’s white beach

To learn more about Dalkey, read this article Dalkey Island: A 2023 Guide To The Best Tours (

You will see Poolbeg chimneys which were built in the 1970s, these are a famous landmark on the Dublin landscape.

Make sure you explore the walks around Killiney Hill. Make sure you saunter to Sorrento and Dalkey too! Explore Vico Road nearby which is a lovely road where famous people live.

This walk is great in summer and in the winter, a definite to add to your must-dos in Dublin and in Ireland.

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