Glendalough, Wicklow, Ireland

Glendalough translated into Irish means two lakes in a valley. It is a glacial valley. Founded by St Kevin in the sixth century it was an early monastic settlement and known for the early Christian teaching in Ireland.

It is a a National Park located in the east of Ireland. There are plenty of walking trails including the Wicklow Way The Wicklow Way | Homepage | Wicklow Way and St Kevin’s Way St Kevins Way – Pilgrim Path | Sport Ireland

There is the lower and the upper lake and there is no charge to visit.

You will notice the Round Tower in Glendalough. This is over 30 metres tall. The Round Tower was built over 1000 years ago by the monks. The towers were called “Cloigtheach”, meaning bell tower, suggesting their main use. The towers were sometimes used as a place of refuge for monks when the monastery was under attack. The roundtower also served as lookout posts and as beacons forapproaching monks and pilgrims. Glendalough served as a city, had farms and a cathedral and as a place of learning. The Vikings plundered and attacked Glendalough. Then the Normans took over in 1398.

There are lots of walks and trails depending on ability, the scenery is amazing. The babbling brooks, fresh air, large trees and ferns and scenery bring a feeling of peace and serenity.

Visit Spinc & Wicklow Way – Glendalough with Discover Ireland

Visit Wicklow Mountains National Park with Discover Ireland

You can look at these options to get there from Dublin if you don’t have a car! The driving is beautiful, you will see the Sugar loaf mountain too! The Sugarloaf Loop Trail – Wicklow County Tourism (

Dublin to Glendalough Bus (2023 Tourist Guide) (

Dublin to Glendalough Bus (2023 Tourist Guide) (

Make sure you visit this beautiful place !

Also visit Sugarloaf Mountain ! Checkout The sugarloaf loop trail!

Exploring Glendalough is a definite on your itinerary!

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