Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Nijmegen is located in The Netherlands and is the oldest city! It was founded by the Romans. There is abundance of history wherever you look. There is a rich culture of old and new . You’ll notice this when you goto the Grote Market, look up at all the buildings and interesting architecture. You’ll notice cobbled streets and lots of people on bicycles so do keep an eye out!

Stevenskerk or Stephen’s Church located in the centre of Nijemegen is a gothic masterpiece, the architecture is divine, stained glass windows and the acoustics are amazing. Have a look and you may come across a free concert, that happened when I visited.

Exploring the historic part of Nijmegen is hungry and thirsty work, so you must try some local blonde beers and some frites! Depending which month you are visiting, make sure you try some mussels!

If you like shopping, Nijmegen is the place for you! You can shop to your hearts content, there are long shopping hours too! check out the streets of Lange Hezelstraat and Marikentstraat ! There are an abundance of quirky and independent stores too in streets such as Houtstraat, Van Welderenstraat and In De Betouwstraat.

Make sure you visit Kronenburgerpark, it’s an ideal place for a picnic in warmer weather or just to explore! You can walk along the grass, the river and spot deer. You can see the waterfall and the Kronenburger Tor too!

Another place you can walk to is the Rivierpark which is across from the Walalkade. The Riverpark has lots of places to walk, to take part in watersports etc.

The Waalkade is one of best spots in Nijmegen, it is a lovely place to walk along, sit on a terrace and take in the view!

There are lots of museums too and you can get a train to Amsterdam for the day it take 1hr 20 mins or so and tickets can cost from £13 to £20 one way. You can buy the tickets online on the link below Home | NS . It’s a great way to see the countryside too and take in the views! We went to Amsterdam for the day and had a great time, the double decker trains were fun too.

Checkout my blog and podcast on Amsterdam on my podcast channel @VeryOrla on Spotify for some inspiration if you are planning to go there for the day! I’ve also got tips for spending a weekend there too on my travel blog

Nijmegen has a lovely feel to it and is definitely somewhere to explore for a weekend!

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