Travelling Post Covid

Hello everyone!

Sorry I’ve been quiet of late, I’m currently studying as well as working full-time so haven’t had the time to blog! I hope you are all well.

I must tell you about my recent holiday, my first holiday in over two years! From being an avid traveller before Covid and going away like 10 times a year to zero meant there was bit of a change . My capsule travel packing was out of sync but I sure got the hand of it in no time 🙂

We were travelling on the first day London Gatwick South terminal had opened up- the first time in eighteen months, so there were a few hiccups to say the least. Air Malta weren’t great at advertising where their check-in desks were, we just directed to an area and waited. No communication at all, after about an hour and a half some managers in high visible jackets were walking around,when I went to complain about the communication, the manager promptly disappeared. The check in staff were nonchalant and when I asked where the duty manager was and asked for their name, the check-in man was inadequate in his response stating ” I’m new”. I had a discussion with a business class passenger who were wanting to push infront, when we had waited for a long time He was gentlemanly and let me and me party go through. Nice to see chivalry hasn’t gone askew!

Gatwick was meant to have a few issues after being closed, I can accept that, but when there is lack of communication it is a holy show! So the security gates were ok, Duty free was quiet, more staff than customers and some restaurants were closed or being refurbished. There were many international passengers which was good to see. When we were at the departure gate awaiting to board, we queued again for like an hour whilst the checkin staff were just trying to look busy on their phones whilst not making eye-contact. Again, I asked what the issue was , it was only when they stated the systems were down we got an answer then I relayed it back to my fellow passengers. Again, no communication. So when we got on the plane, the staff were abrupt and repeated that we had to wear a mask for the journey, they mentioned that six times for the time we were stuck on the tarmac for an hour. The stewards didn’t tell us why we were stuck on the tarmac but just went on to say if we didn’t wear the mask it is an offence. In my mind, not communicating with your customers is offensive or explaining what what happening.

We arrived in Malta Airport with our passenger locator forms, we had them printed as well as on our phones as it’s always good to have a back-up in case of any technology issues. The woman who we were directed to goto after customs was dour, rude and just stared at her phone. I asked her to use the QR code on my email and to get the form that way, she just huffed.

Needless to say, an email has been sent to Air Malta and I’m awaiting the reply! I’ll let you know what the outcome is!

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