Santa Eulalia, Ibiza and Ibiza Town, Ibiza

Ibiza is known as the party island but also known as a laidback island for everyone. You have the parts of the island which are known for the nightclubs, but then you have Santa Eulalia which is family friendly town for a quieter holiday.

I’ve visited Santa Eulalia several times, it’s a laidback town, with plenty of restaurants of all varieties and bars along the beach. The beach is sandy and relaxing and great for the families of all ages. The restaurants are great and the locals are friendly, I’ve sampled many of their restaurants and the heladeria has wonderful ice-cream.

The marina in Santa Eulalia is so serene and relaxing there are lovely bars there you can sit down and have some tapas and watch the boats and people watch as well.

Santa Eulalia has some lovely boutiques, beautiful quality of cotton and plenty of shops to tempt you. You can go on a boat trip from the marina to Formentura which I would pass on, it’s not worth going to, there isn’t much to see.

Instead, meander along the promenade and take in the sea air and get some vitamin D.

There is a bus station in Santa Eulalia and is a great transport hub for accessing the island. The buses are cheap and reliable, have a look at the bus timetables on here LĂ­neas | Ibiza Bus, when I last visited, a single fare was under 2 euros.

We took the bus to Ibiza Town and walked through the narrow lanes where there were lovely boutiques and plenty of shops to buy whatever you needed. We walked upto the fort where you could see majestic views of the Marina and admire the yachts from afar.

We walked along the squares, saw the square where the theatre was and took in the ambiance.

Santa Eulalia is a perfect place to visit, to relax, recharge and enjoy. I thoroughly recommend it. There are plenty of hotels and self-catering places to stay.

Ibiza Town is a great town to explore too! There are great views and restaurants too! There’s something for everyone.

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