Leenaun aka Leenane, Galway, Ireland

Driving from the picturesque Doolough we drove to Leenaun which is a small village with lovely views.

Here you can go on a 90 minute boat trip exploring Ireland’s only fjord. You embmark from Nancy’s Point which is west of Leenane Village.

Beautiful panoramas, seeing the bogs, valleys are a definite as well as seeing dolphins. You’ll notice mussell farming also. Seafood is a must on the Wild Atlantic Way. Beautiful meat, fish and produce grown locally.

You can get buy your tickets online on http://www.killaryfjord.com.

Adults tickets are €21, children from 0-10 are free, 11-17 year olds cost €11.00 and senior/students costs €17.50.

I thoroughly reccomend it.

Family tickets from only €42 when booked online and upto 6 children.

There is a tourist centre in the village which has a lovely tearoom, cakes and local gifts. It’s a must!

If you are an avid film fan a few films were filmed here including The Field.

Visit this beauty. You won’t be disappointed!

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