Grenada, the Spice Island

Grenada did not disappoint, this was one of my favourite islands throughout my Island hopping adventure!

When we arrived, St George’s, the capital was getting ready for Independence Day, there was bunting on all the buildings in the national colours and there was a great buzz to the place.

It was hot, vibrant, busy and hilly, there were so many churches and shops. Locals and tourists meandered around, catching up on the news and taking shade.

We visited St George’s Vegetable and Fruit Market, the aromas of the spices flavoured the air with nutmeg, cumin, ginger and other such delights. It was wonderful. Locals were selling their wares, selling packs of spices, clothes and locals dancing to reggae from a loud speaker enjoying the midday sun.

We walked and walked and walked and decided to get a water taxi to a local beach which was called Grand Anse. We got a return ticket for $10 US dollars and the beach did not disappoint. On our ten minute journey we saw houses built into the hills, there were shacks then bigger houses, there was a marina too.

The beach was great, it was one of my favourite places, a long sandy beach with trees for shade, blue sea and fluffy clouds in the sky.

The sea was so inviting, I spent most of my time swimming and being carried by the waves. Like all beaches, there are speedboat excursions as well. We had a sun lounger and parasol and had local beers to quench our thirst.

This was one of my favourite places to visit, the people, the real Caribbean feel, the spice market and when we were leaving we could hear drumming music in the air.

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