My last stop on my island hopping adventure, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Barbados. I toured the island and went through all the different parishes that were named after saints. We saw cricket fields, sugar cane, palm trees, the island was rather hilly. We visited the beautiful Highlands which had beautiful views. It was rather windy but refreshing all the same. We were given complimentary rum as well.

We visited Bathsheba Beach which is world renouned as a surfing beach, there were boulders on the beach and the surf was great. I loved this beach, it wasn’t over commercialised and the surrounding area with lovely homes and plenty of picnic areas also.

We went through villages, looked at the houses and the vistas around the island. We were told that properties that are unfinished do not pay property tax!

The tourguide we had was Bajan and he taught us so much, he explained that the beaches are all public, he showed us Sandy Lane where the millionaires and celebrities go on holiday. He explained how local people are fighting gentrification from foreign investors, many refusing to sell their family homes for millions of US dollars. I completely agree with them!

He showed us Brighton Beach which is known for it’s healing properties, he showed us where Rihanna lived and the road that has been renamed ‘Rihanna Drive’, we saw a lot on this tour and learnt about all the local flora and fauna.

As this was my last island on my Caribbean tour, I enjoyed it immensely, the people were fun, the scenery was breathtaking and so pleased I visited!

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