Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles

Back in December, I went to LA for a week, I know, not enough time to travel that far, but I’ve been there a few times as I have family and friends there. I did a whistlestop tour of some of the beachside towns and here’s one of them I stopped in.

Hermosa Beach is a lovely beachside town located south of Los Angeles, there is lots to see! Surfing is important here as there’s a statue dedicated to surfers before the pier.

There’s a lovely pier to meander down and take in the sights of the skyline and those paddle-boarding and in the sea. There’s beach volleyball and plenty of space to have some me time and to soak some rays!

When we were there , Warner Bros were shooting a film there, how more Californian could you get. I didn’t spot any celebrities but exciting all the same.

There’s ample of independent shops to browse in and places to have coffee and the odd libation if you are inclined to!

I went to a Mexican café on Pier Avenue and had a wonderful breakfast burrito and English breakfast tea. The guys running it were so fun and charismatic. We were singing “All the Single Ladies” by Beyonce with them.

Afterwards we walked to Patrick Molloy’s Irish Pub! You must visit! Great food and drinks with great specials!

Check out https://patrickmalloys.com for more info

Make sure you see the beautiful sunsets too!

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