Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, wow!  A historic museum town it is described as, with cobbled streets,  spanish inspired architecture and salsa music and jazz music wafting through the Trinidad air.

We stayed for two nights and I wished I stayed longer, it is a beautiful city seeped in history and there are plenty of Casa Particulares to stay in.

We stayed in La Alondra, comfortable beds and spacious ensuite, a good breakfast and a roof terrace to take in the scenery.20180222_085222


I sat on the rooftop terrace having a libation and listened to the salsa music and  some jazz music played, it will be forever etched in my memory. It was blissful.


That evening, we went to a private casa and had a banquet of a meal and  listened to live music . We walked into the centre to listen to salsa music and we drank mojitos al fresco, it was fantastic. We sat down, invited to dance by friendly locals  and drinks were brought to us, what else can you ask for? Each hour there was a different salsa band and we danced all night



The next day we went on a walking tour around the city. It was  really interesting learning about the African influence and we went to a African Temple which was peculiar and different in equal measure.



Every cobbled street we walked  down we were met by musicians and locals going about their daily life.



There was a laidback feeling in the day time but at night there was a buzz.

We went to a beach around 15 minutes drive and chilled out enjoying the sea and catching the rays

20180222_13265920180222_133450 - Copy


Trinidad was lovely, can’t wait to go back and visit it!





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