Cork, Ireland: Jameson Distillery, Ballycotton and Cobh

When you see Jameson, you think of Irish Whiskey.  I’m not a whiskey drinker but I always like to learn new things and as I was in the county that makes it, I took myself off and a cousin of mine to Midleton which is a few miles by car  from Cork City.

Tickets were reasonably priced and included a  film, a tour guide and a tasting. I was volunteered by my cousin to try the different whiskey’s in front of the tour group which was interesting to say the least! Included in the price was a choice of Jameson and a certificate.

Have a look at :Jameson Irish Whiskey (

After this, we went to Ballycotton which is a small village with superb views:

Then we went to Cobh which was known as Queenstown when the migrant ships emigrated to USA as as well as where the ill-fated Titanic  left which my Great Uncle was on.

Cobh is very much like a Victorian town with fabulous icecream places to sit down and people watch:)

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