Dubrovnik, Croatia

Since I was a child, I have always wanted to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, hearing about the red tiled city having been invaded by many European countries, the cobbled streets and the city walls. The City Walls can be explored too for a few kunas!

As a December treat, I visited the city. I flew via British Airways  and got a bus from the airport into the Old Town and we got a taxi to our hotel, The local taxi driver was so helpful and proud of his city.

Old Town

The Old Town has an array of shops, restaurants and cafe’s and  hilly streets to take a hike up.  You need good walking shoes! The side streets can be hilly, so be mindful of that.

If you look up the sidestreets there are apartments and hotels, cafe’s and restaurants too. The City Walls can be explored too for a few kunas!

Dubrovnik Cable Car

We went on a cable car to the top of the hill and could see Montenegro and Albania, this was our view!!

How beautiful it is!

You can pay for a return ticket or a single ticket. please check out this website for more information : http://www.dubrovnikcablecar.com.

There is a cafe at the top of the summit too in peak times!  In the Summer, it is very hot, so be mindful of when you visit and book ahead if you want to go on the cable car.

One thing I love about travelling at Christmas is to see new customs.  Around each doorway were satsumas and bay leaves  surrounding them.


The buildings are old, some have been rebuilt after the War in the 1990s.  We had a Dubrovnik native who took us on a tour for three hours which was enlightening and provoking.  The locals are very proud of their city and their literary heroes.


The Port and Marina, it is easy to walk around there


Food and Drink

The food is reasonable as are drinks! The food in Dubrovnik has  mediterranean influences and the seafood is out of this world. There are plenty of restaurants, just explore the back streets and you will find something different and reasonable too.

We sampled many restaurants and went where the locals went! The people were friendly and we sampled mulled wine and local beers. We had brought the Croatian currency Kunas but they do take Euros. The local beer is tasty too.

We had dinner in an Italian restaurant one evening. It was had a lovely atmopshere with jazz music.

On our last day, there was a Christmas market and we came across some traditional Croatian music


On our last night, we went to a local restaurant and had a Croatian Christmas custom which was Cod with mashed potato and a glass of Croatian wine ( the white wine is lovely, the red can be a bit like Sherry)

We spent three days in Dubrovnik, explored the beautiful Orthodox and Catholic Cathedrals and the cobbled streets. We ate very well, the people are wonderful and warm.

As a Birthday treat this was  a beautiful city to visit and the last thing I did upon leaving was to dip my toe in the Adriatic sea. ( Every country I visit, I dip my toes into the Sea/ ocean)


Dubrovnik, I will be back again


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